Peg Pin Rivited (45x38x2.00)mm (1.5″)

Type : Rivited
Category Code : SPP
Product Code : PP-R-45

Matte Black Powder Coated
Red Powder Coated
Polished Electro Brass
Bright Zinc


Category Code Product Code Product Name Length Width Thickness Size Material Holes Pcs In Inner Box Boxes In a Pallet Pallet Qty
SPP PP-R-45 Peg Pin Rivited 45MM 38MM 2.00MM 1.5″ Mild Steel N/A 1500 36 54000
SPP PP-45 Peg Pin Without Rivited 45MM 38MM 2.00MM 1.5″ Mild Steel  N/A 2000 36 72000
SPP PP-R-44 Peg Pin Economical 44MM 20MM 2.00MM 1.5″ Mild Steel  N/A 3000 36 108000



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