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High Production
High Production

Complete Machining setup, Progressive tools and highly skilled staff helps us to produce at an unbelivable fast pace.

Small Quantity
Flexibility To Produce Small Quantities

We don't have very large MOQs, Helping small scale traders and buyers to fulfill their requirements,

ISO 9001 Accurate precise manufacturing
Strict Parameters Following ISO

9001 Standards for accurate and precise manufacturing.

Extensive in-house Quality control
Extensive In-House Quality Control

procedures & product performance testing :- Each product goes through every 2 hour inspection to make sure there are no deviations In-house salt spray helps us test the corrosion resistance and constantly improve it.

Constant In-house R & D Resulting In Lower Costs

We leverage 30+ years of learning along with out-of-the -box thinking to continuously innovation our process to ensure we are producing the highest quality Products for our customers.

Low Cost
Low Cost Manufacturing

All processes being in-house with advanced toolings combined with highly skilled staff brings down our fixed costs helping us to offer prices that are industry leading giving us the competitive advantage.

Maximum Efficiency
Maximum Efficiency

Optimum utilization of our resources in tool development and constant R&D in processes esnures maximum efficiency giving our clients the benefit of it.

Timely Delivery
Timely Delivery

“Product delayed is product denied” Which never happens at Modex! With our Ready to ship stock & Safety stock We ensure that your requirements are met timely even if requested urgently!

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Modex Capabilities

Manufacturing Plant

Spread across 43000 Sqft of area!

In House Rolling Mills

Advanced In-House Rolling machines which convert  HR to CR

In-House Tool Room

Custom component solutions and constant R&D.

Vast Tool Inventory

Vast Product Lineup with 600+ Tools

Strict Tolerances

Stage Check-ups, Inspections and Strict parameters

Training Programs

Periodic training for efficient workforce

Surface Treatment Plant

Spread Across 20,000 Sqft Area.

30+ Years in Electroplating

Advanced R&D & techniques, In-House Salt Spray testing, Accurate micron deposition

Custom Surface Finishes

50+ Finishes with advanced anti rust technologies

Weather resistant hardware

Best Grade of non ferrous metals, with advanced anti-tarnish technologies


Sustainable electroplating with 10KLD ETP for water treatment

Training Programs

Electroplating Training for improved efficiency among the workforce.

DIY & Chain Stores ready

Our hardware is available in packaging which is Shelf  Ready

Customised Packaging and Labeling solutions

In-House Barcode/Label designing and Printing.

Prepack Accessories

Superior quality accessories like Screws, Nails, Brackets and Studs etc

In-House Pallet Making

Inhouse pallet  making facility with advanced Brad and Coil Nailers, Wood cutters etc.

Vast Ready to ship Stock

ready to ship stock, Safety stock and Emergency stock to meet our client’s expectations,


25000 Sqft Area dedicated to warehousing with proper identification and traceability of our finished goods

Real Time Order Tracking

For the First time in Hardware manufacturing industry, Modex proudly presents its first ever portal where our customers can Track the status of their purchase orders in real time giving them insights even about the stage the product is in! [manufacturing/ Electroplating. Packaging]

Procure with Modex = Procure with Confidence!

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Unique features of our products

Manufactured to Perfection

No play/Rattle, uneven gaps or squeaking hardware along with strict tolerances leading to precise dimensions

Best Surface Treatment

Advanced formulas and techniques resulting in extra bright and very long-life surface finishes with customizations & Anti tarnish/ Rust formulas.

Extra added Durability

Finest use of raw materials with extra added hardness resulting in very tough, robust durable products.

Refined finishing

From Smooth edges and to refined closure bends, we ensure our products are camber & burr/sharp edges free, making it easier & safer for DIY markets!

Custom Component Solutions Made Easy With Modex!

Exceptional quality, endless possibilities, tailor-made Precise specifications

We are proud of our reputation as one of the finest "one call one-stop" manufacturer. With our advanced Tool development center and a team of experts, we’re not just limited to our traditional products. We have developed more than 300 custom products for our clients!

We have the capability of in-house tool design, Advanced Progressive Toolings, it’s manufacturing with constant R&D which leads to maximum efficiency increasing the production and reducing the wastage, Manpower and the costs. 

All Tools made in Modex are made up of high quality materials like H.S.S High Speed Steel with Precise wire cut machines [Upto 3 Wire pass] and advanced tool designing to reduce scrap wastage.

Fitted For your Purpose!​

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Technical Solutions

Sustainability Goals

We are proud to embrace environmentally responsible practices throughout our operations. Our commitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture. We actively seek ways to reduce our environmental footprint, conserve resources, and minimize waste. By doing so, we play a vital role in preserving our planet for future generations.

We Provide And Work For Social Development

Why Choose Us ?

At Modex, our commitment to excellence extends far beyond the world of metal production. We understand the importance of being an integral part of the communities where we operate, and believe in using our expertise and resources to drive positive change in society. Through our actions and initiatives, we actively contribute to social development in meaningful ways.

We prioritize the wellbeing of our employees by upholding the highest ethical labour standards by ensuring safe working conditions, fair wages, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. By providing a supportive and inclusive workplace for all- regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, religion or any other basis of discriminations, we empower our employees to thrive and contribute positively to society. Our commitment to social development is not just a statement; it’s a way of life. We are dedicated to making a lasting difference in the both- the worlds of machinery, as well as humanity.

Global Presence

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FAQ Of Customer

If you have any questions pleases ask us and we will answer you as quickly as Possible Make a question now! 

We offer Manufacturing services and products in Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel 304 grade, Stainless Steel 201 Grade, Solid Brass.

WE offer products used in construction, Home improvements, Furniture fittings, DIY- Market, Home Renovations etc.

Our Machine Shop & Surface finishing plant has the capacity of producing 10 Tons (10,000 Kgs) of material per day!

We have In-house tool development center, providing not just custom component solution but also innovations in a product and unique ways to manufacture patent products bypassing them.

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 45001:2018
  •   We are currently working for obtaining SEDEX

You may contact us via our contact section, and we assure to get back to you within 48/72 hours. You may also email us directly at

While we try to ensure that we fulfill orders at the earliest possible, the quantity and destination of the order play a crucial role in determining how soon we can provide the products to you. For more information, we are always an email away. We also provide real time tracking of production of your orders at a very minimal price/ at special request.

We ship globally with Production tracking services

Yes, we do, but it varies for different products. Please reach to us directly via email to get more specific details about your query. We also have solutions for small quantities.

The quality is controlled at every step of manufacturing with various inspections done at multi-level to ensure best quality.


No Hidden Cost

We are not traders disguised as Manufacturers. 




Pick a size, customise then get surprised!




We Mill it before we Drill it!



Infallible Tool Designs

Maximum Output with Minimum Wastage