Modex offers innovative packaging solutions with multiple materials and feature options that can be tailored according to our client’s demands by our experienced staff.

We ensure that our products stand out from the competition with their unique packaging and our  shipment reaches our clients safely with no logistics damage involved,

The Unique Packaging Solutions Offered By Us :-

Shelf Ready Hanging Hardware

PET BOX Packaging

Bulk Packaging

Superior Prepacks

Per Piece Barcode Lable

Shrink Tube Packaging

Vast Ready To Ship Stock

Custom DIY And Chain Stores Hanging

Per Piece Polybags

Plain White Boxes Plain White Boxes

In-house Labels Barcode Designing 

Coloured Labels & Custom Polybags

Trade Value Packs

Superior Prepacks

Loose Packaging


Pre-Shipment Inspections & Packaging Training:

Prior to our dispatch, our inspection team conducts inspections to ensure Only the best goods are Ex-worked and shipped

The pallets are Fumigated and their alignment, Straps & durability is checked thoroughly to ensure that everything inside stays intact during logistics.
The packaging specifications, Article placements are taken care of with serial tagging of each carton and provided with pallet detail for easy tracking and traceability.

Corrugated boxes are checked for any deformatlity, puncture or damage and is replaced immediately if found so.

The pallets are Fumigated and their alignment, Straps & durability is checked thoroughly to ensure that everything inside stays intact during logistics.

Our employees are trained and informed regularly about the product functionality and it’s finish. Minor defect leads to immediate elimination of that product.  This ensures that the products getting packed and leaving the factory premises are only of the best quality. 

They are also trained over the packaging specifications of our customers. It ensures that there is no error or mismatch in barcode/ label, contents etc



All of your printing needs are housed under one roof ensuring a broad range of print capabilities that will meet our clients project scope, budget, and brand objectives.

Whether you need one color on a shipping container or seven colors on a retail package, Modex Hardware has the print capabilities to get exactly what you need to identify and enhance your products.

 Bringing your brand to life and making you stand out from competitors with vibrant, custom-printed packaging solutions!

In-House Pallet Making Facility

At Modex, We have the capability of manufacturing pallet according to our client’s needs.

 We carefully design and develop the pallet in a way that it utilizes the cargo space in the most efficient way resulting in lower shipping costs. 

Our careful designing and development of the pallet also involves sealing the pallet [to avoid moisture], the durability and robust build quality to ensure that the shipment reaches the destination safely with everything inside being intact.

 At Modex we can cater the special needs involved in logistics and transit involving Length, Breadth, Thickness of Pallet, Pattern of Pallet, its Material grade.

To ensure safe logistics, Metal straps are used instead of plastic straps and Corner braces are added at the edges of pallet to keep the entire shipment safe and intact!



Warehousing & Logistics :-

 Our warehousing spread across both of our units along with dedicated warehousing mezzanines [30,000sqft]  gives us a secure area to hold and store our finished goods safely with identification and traceability of our material ensuring timely and accurate dispatches.

It also enables us to safely store running items which helps us to maintain our ready to ship stock so that we can fulfil our clients urgent requirements.