Quality Control

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our quality team includes  full-time chemical & Mechanical engineers with a vast experience of 35+ years and lab staff.

We at Modex, as a supplier assure our customers that from us, They will only be procuring the highest quality products with the highest standards, from the base raw material, to the functionality, Finish, and packaging.

All done professionally by a team of professionals with specialized skills.


Quality Assurance for Our manufacturing & raw material.

Strict parameters Following ISO :9001 Standards for accurate and precise manufacturing with Extensive in-house Quality control procedures & product performance testing and Infallible Tool Designs & Simulations resulting in Maximum efficiency, minimum wastage.

1. Matches the technical drawings and its dimensions
2. The functionality is top notch
3. Is Within the tolerance
4. Has no Burr or sharp edges.

We source our raw material form the best suppliers located across NCR region with strict incoming raw material inspections which look out for tolerances and parameters set by us such as Length, Width, Thickness deviations, No Camber, Bright and smooth surface etc.

Expensive grade raw materials like SS304 are strictly checked and their material testing reports are procured and provided to our customers.

Quality Assurance for our Surface Treatment.

Our Plating baths are tested daily to monitor performance, quality and prevent defects.

Production samples are regularly salt spray tested to monitor corrosion resistance.

We also go beyond creating products from readily available material. We engage with suppliers to update our knowledge, co-developing raw material, new chemical formulas for better efficiency.

1. Is Rust Free
2. Has Free Movement/ Light opening force
3.  Is Aesthetically pleasing
4. Is blemish and scratches free

Quality assurance for Packaging & Logistics

We use high quality packaging materials like LD Polytene, Tough burst and water resistant corrugated boxes with outer jute layering for additional added strength, Thick wooden pallets with fresh wood and additional corner brace supporters.

Prior to our dispatch, our inspection team thoroughly inspects and goes through the Labels, barcodes, packaging specifications, cartons, boxes and pallets to ensure everything is done as per the customer’s requirements and there is no defect or damage in the shipment.

Our careful designing and development of the pallet also involves sealing the pallet [to avoid moisture], the durability and robust build quality to ensure that the shipment reaches the destination safely with everything inside being intact.

1. The barcodes/ Labels are correctly put
2. Only the best quality goods make it to the customer. Others are rejected on various multi-level checkup points.
3. Packaging is correct and intact
4. Pallets are robust and properly sealed

Training Programs :

Our training programs help us to train our employee towards perfection, resulting in maximum output, Minimum human errors making us a reliable long term supplier.
To provide a safer working environment, We train our employees with fire training, First aid Training, And Emergency evacuation for disaster management too.

Chemical Handling Training

Fire Training

First Aid Training

Machine Training

Packaging Training