Advanced Surface Treatments

Our vast experience spans across 2 generations of the Modex family. We have knowledge that most other companies cannot match and we know what it takes to get the job done right effectively and efficiently .

Modex takes pride in its electroplating section as the quality of surface finish we have is unmatched with our competitors and with our surface finish you don’t have to worry about Tarnishing Brass or rusting issues. That’s why a lot of companies send their products at our premises for JOB WORK!

40,000 Square Foot Facility

Our large modern facility dedicated for surface treatment [Electroplating, Powder Coating, Polishing] sits in Ghaziabad region of NCR which has very good
quality of water with perfect TDS levels which is ideal for electroplating.

At Modex, We Have :-

1. Mass Plating [Barrel Plating]

2. Rack Plating [Tank Plating]

3. In-line plating [Automatic Electroplating Plant]


Finishes and Capacity

A vast variety of finish options to choose from with high production capacity

More than 25+ finishes in Electroplating and 100+ Finishes in powder coating, We give our customers a very wide variety of options to choose from.

 Different passivation are available for custom product requirements like Europe approved Trivalent dips, specific salt spray life or unique aesthetics.

Our Finishes can further be customised with a variety of surface abrasive options like Mirror, Satin, Rubbed, Brushed, Burnished & Textured finishes!

Our high volume Mass, rack and barrel plating lines are capable of processing 10 tons of material each day. We regularly handle projects of all sizes, but we are skilled at turning around large volume orders quickly

We regularly handle projects of all sizes, but we are skilled at turning around large volume orders quickly

Our extra large tanks can accommodate parts up to 8 feet long.

Quality Control, Assurance & R&D

Modex Quality that will never disappoint you!

Our quality team includes a full-time chemical engineer with a vast experience of 35+ years and lab staff.

Plating baths are tested daily to monitor performance, quality and prevent defects.

Salt spray testing is regularly done to monitor, optimize, improve corrosion resistance and improve our overall E-plating service.

We ensure that we use only the premium grade raw material like A-Z Zinc and chemicals for the best surface finish and electroplating.

We also go beyond creating products from readily available material. We engage with suppliers to update our knowledge, co-developing raw material, new chemical formulas for better efficiency

The latest finishes are constantly tested and new chemical formulas are developed to ensure we are providing the best coatings available with maximum life



For A Cleaner and greener envoirnment, Modex lends a hand!

Having an ETP plant with a capacity of 10KLD with dedicated PH wise equalisation tanks, It is ensured that there is no negative impact on the environment during our production process

 The track of water treatment is thoroughly kept and maintained in log books. Strict monitoring of water consumption is done through inlet and outlet flow meters.

 The treated water is reused in cleaning, watering and other parts of the factory to ensure that there is maximum re-usablity

The waste generated through our ETP is handled by govt. approved hazardous waste disposers which makes our treatment complete.

Plantation drives are organised in order to promote the green movement and encouraging the workforce for a greener environment

Modex is going Diesel Free from 2024. We will be using Natural gas for our heating processes like Boilers, Ovens and natural Gas Generators for our electricity requirements.


automatic electroplating
Advanced Automatic Electroplating Plant

For uniform and even plating. 

Manual Electroplating
Manual Electroplating Plant

For custom Finishes, Patterns and high production volumes.

Dynamic Finishes
Dynamic Finishes

For giving our clients a variety of options to choose from

electrostatic lacquer
Electrostatic Spray Lacquer

For increased life of the hardware

salt spray
Salt Spray Testing Chamber

For further research and development and product finish testing

micron depost
No Compromise With Quality

Accurate micron deposit

brightness control
Brightness Control

Excellent finishing and tone grading

advanced degreasing
Advanced Degreasing

For Better Quality of E-Plating

Constant R&D

 For better Quality with minimum costs involved

custom finish
Custom Finish

As per our client’s requirements

special surface treatment
Modex Special Surface Treatments

For Anti-Tarnish & Anti rust Surface finishes.

special surfface finish
Special Surface Finishes

 Matte, Bright, Textured, 3D and Rough surfaces available.

100+ Finish options
100+ Finish Options

 We have 100+ different colors options readily available in Powder Coating


No pitting, Scaling, Peeling off, flaking, color variation in our powder coating due to our advanced technologies and vast experience