Our Manufacturing Plant is spread across 43000sqft! Having all the necessary infrastructure for mass manufacturing, tool design & development & custom component solutions, Delivering exceptional quality hardware at unbelievable affordable prices.


Machine Shop

Quality, Efficiency, Accuracy and Precision under one roof

We have 30 Years of experience to manufacture the highest quality of hardware.

Bringing down the cost and dependency on outsourcing, We have the flexibility to produce wires of our desired lengths.

A very high production plant for timely deliveries along with   complete in-house facilities to ensure most competitive prices in the market .” Modex has a capacity to produce 1,00,000 pieces of 3” Butt hinges per day!”

Different types of polish finishes available on Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and solid brass for exciting and appealing aesthetics along with high performance.

With advanced innovation leading to no creases in bending of the pipes, we have market leading steel grab rails!

Ensuring there is no lateral or vertical play or rattle in our refined hardware!

Our Tool Development Center

Exceptional Quality, Endless Possiblities, Tailor made precise specifications

 Our Tool Room consists of all the necessary machinery Lathe, Grinding, Milling, Drilling, Taping, Lancer Machines!

All Tools at Modex are smartly designed and optimized, Their simulation is run prior to production to ensure maximum  efficiency and minimum wastage

Tools are assembled and maintained in dedicated racks. We follow industry standard practices for regular inspection, maintaining and reconditioning of tools. Our tool life is also extended with special coatings.

All Tools are made from CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) wire cut machines and are mandatory to go through 2-3 wire passes which ensures very accurate tools enabling us to manufacture even at very strict tolerances!

Developing your custom component with us is easier than you think.  Your Design/ Drawing – Our tooling prototype [Within 3 days!]. Copper sample “Silver Sample” Golden smaple

Our Progressive tool Designs Reduce Wastage, Manpower required, Human errors and increase efficiency leading to better prices

With the process being in-house, the tool making is rapid, cost effective and gives us the full control of the process from designing to end product


In House Rolling Mills

We have 3 advanced Rolling mills which gives us the flexibility too

Our rolling mills convert Hot Rolled Steel to Cold Roll Steel.

Rolling process exposes the inner layers of raw material as well as cleaning the top most surface resulting in a very clean, smooth and aesthetically pleasing surface.

By rolling Hot rolled steel to cold rolled steel, we are able to achieve and control our desired thickenss. It also makes our raw material inventory very flexible and versatile.

Stable pricing in ever changing market. By Converting H.R to C.R we save our customers from cold roll steel raw material price fluctuations.

Rolling process increases the hardness of the material resulting in extra added durability  and robust product structure.

Our rolling mills are capable of rolling Stainless steel and Solid Brass apart from mild Steel.

Quality Assurance “Only the Best Grade of Raw Materials” :-

We source our raw material form the best suppliers located across NCR region

Raw Material inspection on various levels like thickness, hardness, surface quality, camber etc is thoroughly done in order to ensure the production material is of the finest quality giving the best results.

For Raw material grades like SS202, SS304 and solid brass, Material testing reports are procured and even available for our customers in order to ensure authenticity and fair trade.

First in First out [FIFO] is strictly followed for every raw material batch so that the raw material doesn’t hold on for too long. It helps us in traceability and also ensures our customers are getting products made from fresh material

Our Employees are trained and informed regularly about the best manufacturing practices with safe machine operations to ensure a safer working efficient environment 


Shearing machine with Coil and Wire Straightner:-

We have the ability to cut raw material sheets upto 12mm of thickness and convert these sheet into strips of our desired length and breadth.

Our coil and sheet straightener ensures that the raw material before the production is started,  is straight, even and the small bents and creases which arise in transport & logistics are taken out thoroughly.

Wire is an essential part of a hinge on which the movement is done. Under our process we have made it mandatory to straighten the wire the ensure squeak free low force opening movements.

Maximum Efficiency, Minimum Wastage :-

We optimize the sheet in sheet metal components in a way that there is minimum wastage [Scrap]

 The Scrap recoverable amount by selling it is deducted from the raw material proportion, giving our customer a very fair price.


Best quotations come from best tool designs. Our smart progressive tooling further help to reduce the scrap proportions with innovative blanking and parting techniques.



High Production
High Production

Complete Machining setup, Progressive tools and highly skilled staff helps us to produce at an unbelivable fast pace.

Small Quantity
Flexibility To Produce Small Quantities

We don't have very large MOQs, Helping small scale traders and buyers to fulfill their requirements,

ISO 9001 Accurate precise manufacturing
Strict Parameters Following ISO

9001 Standards for accurate and precise manufacturing.

Low Cost
Low Cost Manufacturing

All processes being in-house with advanced toolings combined with highly skilled staff brings down our fixed costs helping us to offer prices that are industry leading giving us the competitive advantage.

Extensive in-house Quality control
Extensive In-House Quality Control

procedures & product performance testing :- Each product goes through every 2 hour inspection to make sure there are no deviations In-house salt spray helps us test the corrosion resistance and constantly improve it.

Constant In-house R & D Resulting In Lower Costs

We leverage 30+ years of learning along with out-of-the -box thinking to continuously innovation our process to ensure we are producing the highest quality Products for our customers.

Timely Delivery
Timely Delivery

“Product delayed is product denied” Which never happens at Modex! With our Ready to ship stock & Safety stock We ensure that your requirements are met timely even if requested urgently!

Maximum Efficiency
Maximum Efficiency

Optimum utilization of our resources in tool development and constant R&D in processes esnures maximum efficiency giving our clients the benefit of it.

Tailor made specifications
Tailor Made Specifications

Minor & Major alterations to the products is possible only at modex like thickness, pattern, finish modifications etc. Functionality modifications are also possible like Cranking/ Un-cranking, Turning a fixed pin hinge to Loose Pin Notching A product according to the needs.