Real Time Order Tracking

For the First time in Hardware manufacturing industry, Modex  proudly presents its first ever portal where our customers can Track the status of their purchase orders in real time giving them insights even about the stage the product is in! [manufacturing/ Electroplating/Packaging]

Procurement with such confidence was never possible until today. Now you can know about your order status, its processing and even the stage in which the order is. It lessens the communication gap, confusions and helps us to connect with our customer with real time data.

 Tabular data representation along with Graphical representation, our customers get the crucial information which helps them to know the exact Ex-work, F.O.B Dates, Open order quantities, shipped quantities, and status of the remaining items, helping them to plan better and order with us more efficiently.

Moreover, Our clients can get it modified according to their own convenience i.e Track product via name, Number, barcode, Levels of tracking, Additional photo support etc

It also helps our customers to tag their high priority items in case of an urgency, making us dedicate our workforce towards that urgency.