Born in mid 1960s into a struggling family, Mr Mohammad Saleem started helping and working with his father at the tender age of 8 years. He quickly grasped many lessons, soaked in knowledge like a sponge, and learnt well about the responsibilities that lay on his shoulders.

Fascinated by the magical mix of machinery and honest work during his learning stages, he understood how small, sometimes to the point of negligibility, products like hinges had huge potentials as a business prospect as they were crucial for the development of the world- be it in big cities or small villages- from homes, to businesses, hospitals, education centres, stadiums and airports, they were a concrete need.

Since the industry provided a fairly reasonable sense of security from volatile market and consumer trends, he dived head-first and kept marching forward with his wife’s unconditional support, eventually building a small army of his own, and finally established Modex Hardware in 1998 from scratch.

As the founder, and the principal owner, he showed great dedication and devotion throughout his years at Modex, and stood steady and strong against every setback, every crisis that he faced, be it personal or professional.

Answering Theodore Levitt’s famous question of “What’s your business?”, Mr Saleem answered consistency through his acts- “To Build”

It didn’t take long before Modex Hardware expanded its product range, improved upon their unbeatable quality, and built a reputation for its seamless delivery of quality products, at extremely competitive prices and entered international markets in four continents.

Mr. Saleem passed away at the age of 56 on 29th April 2021, leaving behind a legacy that is now being carried on by his wife Lubna Noourddin and his son Usama Bin Saleem, both directors at Modex Hardware Pvt Ltd., along with the hard work of each and every employee within the company.